Created by MOOD Publishing

1-4 player co-op action cavecrawler based on the popular video game Deep Rock Galactic.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

15.000 backers and still counting!!
about 2 years ago – Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 03:15:13 AM

Do I hear a ROCK?

Do I hear a STONE?


15.000 backers!!!

A mighty ROOOOOOAR from the darkest mines to all of you amazing backers. This is insane and very overwhelming to say the least. Thank you for all the support!!!!

Monday Treat - Cards get linen finish

Since it is monday and the weather in Copenhagen is grey and wet, we thought it would be nice to sprinkle some sunshine - so as a treat we are giving all the cards linen finish.

Live Co-op playthrough:

One Stop Co-op Shop Streamed will be doing a live cooperative play through on Wednesday 23. 

Weapon Upgrades

Ole is working on the Weapon Upgrades, but we are not sure when we can reveal them all. Still needs some play testing.


We are currently in talk with our fulfilment hubs to get an estimate on shipping prices for the Collector’s Edition. Should have some estimates beginning next week.

ROCK’N’STONE brothers and sisters!
about 2 years ago – Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 11:36:13 PM

Stretch Goal reached: 

The Glyphid Warden has been released from the dark caves and will come and aid the other Glyphids.

Onward to the next Stretch Goal - Weapon Upgrades.
What is your favorite Weapon Upgrade of the ones in the board game already?

What Weapon Upgrades are you hoping to be Unlocked?


It is being worked on, but we cannot say when it is going to be ready. We'll update you on a ETA next week. 

And again thank for all the amazing support, your great comments and suggestions and of course your need to play a dwarf shooting Glyphids and digging for gold. 

Painted Driller and Canada and South Africa Shipping
about 2 years ago – Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 08:52:39 AM

Rock’n’stone Miners!

First, behold this awesome painted version of the Driller by the crazy talented Henry Steele from Cult of Paint -

Looking forward to seeing the next minis!!

And we got a deal with a Canadian fulfillment, so that will help immensely on shipping - should be within a range of 15-39 USD depending on where you live in Canada.And Canada Friendly Shipping!

Shipping to South Africa will be handled by VFI (many backers have had good experience getting game delivered from them). Shipping for Deluxe version should be about 33-40 USD.

And of course we hit the 2.000.000 USD mark  - Rock'n'stone!!!!

Play session with Game designer Ole Steiness
about 2 years ago – Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 12:31:50 AM

Dear Miners!

You can now see a turn by turn Play Session with Board Game Designer Ole Steiness, playing mission 2 from the game together with us at Mood Publishing.  We had fun! 

Stretch Goal Update
about 2 years ago – Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 02:05:06 AM

Miners! Gather and listen. A short update!

We have updated the Stretch Goals. The list will continue to 3 million Euros with some really cool stuff.  We are still working on the last 3 Stretch Goals and will make them visible soon. That concludes the Stretch Goal Mining. 

Take care.